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Our virtual preschool program is taught by an actual preschool teacher with real-life preschool friends! It's the next best thing to a local preschool!

I envision our virtual preschool being a place where children can be children and to be able to learn through fun age-appropriate activities. I see it as being interactive and engaging where your child can have fun and learn from the comfort of their home. Where your child’s uniqueness, independence, creativity, learning to self-regulate as well as their curiosity will be fostered through music & movement, fun games, literacy, math as well as science to create a solid foundation for school and life!

Preschool Program

We have one program for 2 mornings a week. We teach weekly and monthly themes. These are designed to meet curriculum needs or/and building on the children’s interests. Activities are designed to have children learn and discover new things each day and more importantly develop a love of learning. We have a range of ages each day and adjust activities to make them developmentally appropriate and hands on for each child. Our focus is Social & Emotional as well as Emergent based curriculum.

Curriculum Goals are based on the Early Learning Guidelines which aligns with the Arizona Early Learning Standards.

Social Skills- (manners, kindness, playing cooperatively, taking turns, compassion, respect)

Emotional Skills- (self-confidence, recognizes & expresses feelings, self-regulations, expresses empathy)

Self-help skills- (washing hands, brushing teeth, dressing self, handling bathroom needs, cleaning up toys, taking care of their possessions) (this is good to know even though we are virtual)

Gross Motors Skills- (climbing, running, hopping, jumping, balancing, catching and throwing balls)

Fine Motor skills- (puzzles, Lego’s, blocks, manipulative toys, lacing beads, drawing, coloring, writing, cutting, play dough.)

Math Skills (counting, patterns, simple addition and subtraction, one to one correspondence. We use a wide variety of manipulative activities and incorporate math during our daily activities and circle time.)

Literature-based Activities (circle time, stories, charts, finger plays, songs, beginning reading and writing skills and dictating their own stories).

Letter and Number Explorations (activities including letter books, fun tactile activities, games, and a rich print environment.)

Computers/Tablets (age appropriate computer programs teach academic skills as well as basic technology skills class is via ZOOM )

Science (hands on explorations about our environment, animals, and nature)

Social studies (learning about our community)

Art Media Discovery (a variety of painting techniques, markers, glue, scissors, collage materials, beads, stencils, rubbing plates, play dough.) We will send out materials as needed.

Class Schedule

Daily Schedule

This is an approximate schedule of our day during the school year. This is a 2 hour a week LIVE preschool class with a LIVE preschool teacher. Our schedule of activities is subject to change based on the needs of the children and their interests. Children will arrive, and we wait for the teacher to let you into the class. Once the children are in the Zoom class,

9:30AM-Circle Time (Welcome song, music & movement, theme etc.)

9:45AM-Lessons/Activities are either theme based or skill based.

10:15AM-Story Time (Show & Tell once or twice a month)

10:25AM-Goodbye song

Weekly Schedule and Tuition


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Days and Time

(Arizona Time)

Tuesday _ Thursday

9:30 am - 10:30am


Registration Fee: $75 (annually fee)

Tuition: $100 monthly

1-Week Free Trial

Are you still on the fence ...Then a request a one week FREE TRIAL!! Check us out for a week and see what a virtual preschool has to offer!! And one of the best things is that you don't have to leave the comfort of your own home to join us!

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