Cherice Ellison

Owner / Teacher

Welcome to Discovery Play Preschool! I’m Cherice Ellison the Owner and Current Local Teacher. I am an Aunt to a nephew and 2 nieces. I’m also a dog mom to my boy Adino.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development and over 28 years of experience in a variety of different positions in early childhood education during this time period. I’ve been Assistant teacher, Lead teacher Head Start teacher, Consultant/Coach and Directors of Private child care centers. I’ve also served in my church’s children's ministries in various positions over the years. One of my pastimes growing up was participating in Track & Field which I discovered in the 7th grade. I continued through college where I was blessed with an athletic scholarship to attend College. I earned several first place State medals in High School and College. Track was my second love next to teaching.

When I as in the 4th grade I remember telling my family that I wanted to be a preschool teacher and in the 5th grade, I remember writing in a notebook names for my Preschool that I wanted to own. So this has been a life long dream of mine to own my own preschool and I thank you for joining me in making my dream a reality at a loving place for your child. I want to create a space that children are able explore, create and discover the world around them through fun, authentic, age appropriate activities that help develop the whole child and their love for learning. I look forward to your child joining Discovery Play Preschool!

Where Messy Hands Build Brilliant Minds!

Our Vision

To create an authentic exploratory haven where children can discover their uniqueness, inquisitiveness and creativity while developing the love of learning.

Our Mission

To create a learning environment where every component is a part of a child's learning experience! A preschool where the teachers are also used as resources and tools. A preschool where the environment is seen as part of the curriculum and is ever changing to meet the needs of the children. A preschool that the teachers can learn from the children just as the children can learn from the teachers!!

Our Philosophy

We believe that every child undergoes a unique journey of growth and development, and while it is crucial to prepare them for kindergarten and life's experiences, we are committed to ensuring that childhood is not rushed. Our primary objective is to create an authentic learning environment that fosters the essence of childhood.

We place significant importance on nurturing the social and emotional growth of each child. We instill these vital attributes by exemplifying responsibility, acceptance, empathy, sharing(when appropriate), and respect towards both their peers and adults. We firmly believe that genuine conversations and active listening with children offer abundant opportunities for honing language and social skills while bolstering their self-esteem. We remain attuned to every child's distinct social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs, striving to meet these individual requirements while harmonizing them with the collective needs of the group. It is our conviction that through these experiences and opportunities, children will cultivate a positive self-image and a lifelong passion for learning.

Play, we firmly assert, is an indispensable facet of young children's lives. It not only contributes to their well-being but also plays a pivotal role in their development.  We strike a balance between explorative play, fostering discovery, and engaging in structured activities such as circle time, open-ended art projects, music, and scientific exploration, among others. Our curriculum activities are thoughtfully chosen, adapting to the specific needs of the children under our care and their readiness for kindergarten. We place great importance on aiding each child's success at their own developmental level, customizing activities to both meet and challenge their current stage of growth. We firmly believe that teachable moments present learning opportunities every day. Above all, we are dedicated to nurturing a deep love for learning and exploration, recognizing its enduring significance in a child's life.

Discovery Play Preschool